NPET WR10 Memory Foam Keyboard Mouse Wrist Rest Pad Comb

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NPET wrist rest pad

NPET WR10 Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest for Relief Pain and Fatigue

NPET keyboard and mouse padding provide your wrist to rest on, firmness and support.

Keeps your wrist from getting hurt and carpal tunnel syndrome, relaxing and comfortable use such as home and office, more care with your hand and wrist.

  • Ergonomic shape keeps your wrist in a natural position rather than a twisted angle.
  • Memory foam structure, comfortable lightweight and durable, no deformation.
  • Adopt soft and breathable materials to provide lasting support for your wrist.
  • Non-slip textured bottom with the natural rubber material to prevent gliding or unnecessary movement.
  • Double sticking + press handing to supply flat & smooth edge. Not curling up or splitting.
  • Suitable for office worker and game lovers, makes you more comfortable.

Non-slip Rubber Bottom

Non-skid Rubber base provides heavy grip preventing sliding or unwanted movement for Keyboard and mouse pads, Double Sticking and Press handing for edge to supply smooth edge and will not roll up nor split open

Avoid Tunnel Syndrome

Fits most computers or notebooks, improve hand and wrist posture, rest your elbows on a cushion instead of the desk, keeps your wrist from getting hurt and carpal tunnel syndrome, Perfect use at home, office or cybercafe.

Enlarge Thicken Cushion

The sizes of keyboard wrist pad and mouse wrist pad fits most computers or notebooks. It is also helpful to avoid joint and wrist problems. Great product to protect your hands and wrists while working or gaming.

Ergonomic Shape

Made of premium memory foam and soft breathable material, not easy to deformation. Supply Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable and Ergonomic touch, slow bounces back and not easy to out of shape.

Comfortable Use

Mouse pad adding wrist rest Designed with groove fits your hand better; deformation free keyboard pad, stands still while typing, relaxing and comfortable use such as home, office, cybercafe, etc.

Wide Application

Prevent friction between your elbow/wrist/palm and desktop in daily work/game. Avoid joint and wrist problems and release your elbows and shoulder stress for long hours of use on the computer.