NPET 3 Replacements Pump +Faucet +Filters for WF020/WF020TP Cat Water Fountain

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  • Compatible: This accessory set is suitable for NPET WF020TP/WF020 Fountains
  • Feature: One of pump has auto shut-off function, also has blue light during working time.
  • Tip:  1. Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before use, replace it every 4 to 6 weeks (depending on usage) to maintain water freshness

           2. Clean the pump every 2 weeks to extend the life of the pump.

    Clean The Pump to Extend Life 

    Step 1: Remove the pump cover

    Step 2: Remove the impeller cap by the fingernail

    Step 3: Remove the impeller.

    Step 4: Clean the parts with the cleaning kit.

    Package List: 1x Water Faucet (randomly)

                          1x Pump

                          1x Filters (4/6pcs per set)