NPET P4F Car Battery Jump Starter 1000A Peak 10000mAh

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NPET Jump Starter

1000A Peak 10000mAh Car Battery Jump Starter

For up to 6.0L Gas and 3.0L Diesel Engines

The NPET P4F Jump Starter is a compact size like a smart phone (5.7*3.3*1 inch) with 1000A peak current, can jump start 12V cars, SUVs, trucks or vans up to 30 times on a full charge. Our car battery jump starter takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge. It's an emergency savior for every car on the road.

Apart from jump starting a car, our battery can also recharge smart phones, tablets, MP3/MP4, camera and other consumer electronics, and with 3 lighting modes including emergency strobe and SOS.

  • WATERPROOF: It's uniquely designed with waterproof and sturdy dustproof materials so that it can be used in rain or snowy days.
  • UPGRADED TECHNOLOGY: With the same battery capacity, our new Quick Discharge Start Power jump starter has 2-3 times performance.
  • ULTIMATE SAFETY PROTECTION: The high quality and intelligent clamps can provide safety protection when you connect wrong.


  • The NPET P4F Jump Starter is equipped with 3 modes of LED Light: Flashlight, Strobe and SOS.
  • You can easily convert lighting modes by switching the power button. It can provide you extra bright for emergencies.


  • With Dual charging ports (5V/2.1A or 5V/3A 9V/2A Quick Charge), it can be used to charge your any mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, laptop etc simultaneously.
  • The jump starter battery fully recharges in just 2.5 hours.


  • The car jump starter works at low or high temperature environment: -20℃ ~ 60℃(-4℉ ~ 140℉), no more worries about exhausted car battery in any seasons.
  • The NPET P4F Jump Starter can work for you ultra-safe every day.


Insert plug of battery terminal into start outlet of start power. When connecting the cable to the booster, the LCD indicator will keep spinning and spinning.


Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal (+) and the black clamp to the negative terminal (-) of your car battery. Then allow start your car.


Turn auto key to start shift to start your car. You can safely jump start a dead battery car in seconds and use it without anyone else’s help.


After successfully starting your car, do not remember to pull storage battery plug from start power supply, remove clips from auto battery and pack away.

P4F Jump Starter