NPET LED Dog Collar Rechargeable Adjustable Collar

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NPET dog collar

NPET 2021 Upgrade Safety LED Light Dog Collar for Night Walking


Function switching: press the power button to turn on, default mode: fast flash mode.

1. Press the power button to enter the slow flash mode after turn on, press again to enter the long light mode, and press again to turn it off.

2. Charging: Use the cable port to insert the battery slot, use a 5V 1A-2A adapter, or a computer USB port to charge. Red light indicator: charging mode, Greenlight indicator: fully charged.


LED dog collars are suitable for most breeds of dogs ( Except puppies, little dogs, small dogs).

  • Collar Length: 15.75"-25.6"/40CM-65CM
  • Collar Width: 1in
  • Material: Premium TPU Nylon
  • 5 Available Colors: Pink, Orange, Blue, Red, Yellow
  • 3 Flash Modes: Quick flash, slow flash, steady glow
  • Working Time: Full charge for 1.5 hours can work up to 8 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I was amazed at its good quality.

It's been just about a year now and we're still loving this collar. Size adjusts easy. Nice color! I highly recommend this collar, it is terrific value for the money.

This is the best!!!

I like the brightness, this works great in the pitch black outside when I’m walking my dog.

This collar is the brightest and coolest I have ever had.

The battery is rechargeable and uses a standard mini-USB type connector. So, you can charge it by any USB adapter or even a port on your computer. This collar is my favorite one.

Highly recommend.

It’s important for my little pugsters to be seen, especially in the evening. The lights are so bright and never malfunctioned several months. Best light up collar I’ve bought!