NPET Large Laundry Hamper Basket Multi-Style Storage Bag

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npet basket

NPET Large Laundry Hamper Basket(Multi-Style) with EVA Waterproof & Breathable Mesh Material

One Basket, Change Your Home.

EVA plastic material, which is rare in the market, has obvious advantages in terms of load-bearing force and tear resistance. Greatly improve the service life of the laundry basket. No plastic smell, the edge of the soft cloth wrapped is not afraid of harm to children, plastic is also better than cloth material moisture resistance!

  • NPET Laundry Basket is specially designed for the single person, family or maybe for students use, it is convenient, big, simple and elegant as well. Timeless design.
  • There are 5 models for you to choose from, including trapezoid, cuboid and cylinder, with different sizes. The volume ranges from 1L-2L. There is always one suitable for you.
  • The baskets with 2-4 handles which is easy to take. You can take it to the laundry; you can put it in your home as a laundry hamper as well.
  • The bottom is made of Oxford cloth, and the body is made of EVA waterproof plastic. Thicken and sturdy.
  • Foldable design, store easily when needn't use.
  • Excellent bearing capacity! No tearing problem like others on the market!
  • Cleans easily inside and out with a damp cloth.



Use them to hold extra pillows and throws for family time, or to clear away toys, magazines or other clutter in the living room


Store clothes, especially dirty clothes that need ventilation. Keep your towels and washcloths at hand's reach near the tub or shower.


Use it to keep your kids room organized. It's the perfect bin to throw toys, clutter, junk and unused blankets. It is soft enough so it will never hurt your kids like harder plastic or wooden toy chests might.


Store your bed pillows and covers at bedtime instead of throwing them on the floor or a chair.


Whether it's clothes that have just been washed or need to be washed. It can accommodate more clothing because of large capacity. Keep the laundry room clean of clutter.

* Secure Handle

Handles on each side make it easy to carry from one place to another. By strengthen the connecting part, the handle will not be broken even filling with heavy wight clothes.

thick basket

Thick Material & Greet Needlework

We promise there is no tearing problem like others on the market! It is light but strong enough. The stitches are well constructed, durable and economical which with quite exquisite make sure that our basket can last more years and provide a tidy and well organized room for your house.

Flexible Basket

It can collapse when not in use, saving space. It can meet both large capacity and save storage spaces such as luggage and drawers.

Sturdy Handle

The reinforced sewing handle can hold more weight, allowing you to easily pick up the laundry basket. Laundry hamper is light and easy to move.

Bottom Fabric-Oxford Cloth

Thick Oxford cloth with precise sewing and the sturdy base make the laundry basket not easy to crack.

durable basket

Eva Waterproof Plastic Material

It doesn't smell of plastic. The soft and thick cloth around the edge and no sharp edge provides a safe environment for your kids. Even in the empty cases, it can stand up perfectly, no worry about collapses all the time. The Eva waterproof material is better at keeping out water and moisture, but note that the Oxford material at the bottom is not waterproof.

Mesh Dessign-Beats the Stink

Breathable mesh helps airflow, which combats odors caused by dirty clothing, sweat, and dampness. Mesh sides make it easy to see when a hamper is filled. Since these are common laundry culprits for students and athletes, mesh can be a great option.

Mesh hampers let air travel to clothes better, so sweat and dirt air out, reducing odors trapped in clothes. Perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who need to work out and toss their clothes in the hamper quickly!

Durable Material

Made of superior quality material, very durable, never worry tearing problem, hard bottom, can stand heavy-load stuff.

Customer Reviews

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Really like the convenience of these baskets.

They are nice, I use them to store many things. Very sturdy and durable. Buy this! You won’t be disappointed!

It works well for what I need.

It is light weight and very strong. I used it to hold dirty towels and clothes. And fold up when not used. This laundry bag is impressive!