NPET GF10 Black Garlic Fermenter Automatic Fermenter(JP Warehouse Only)

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  • What’s black garlic? Sweet, soft and waxy, black garlic is a food made from fresh raw garlic and fermented with skin. The content of nutrients in black garlic is very high, and the taste is sweet and sour with no taste of garlic. Black garlic is very delicious and the active ingredient content is 3 to 5 times that of raw garlic and the antioxidant capacity is more than 5 times. Black garlic is gradually being recognized and understood by people
  • Professional Black Garlic Maker. High quality 5L high-end black garlic fermenter with an aluminum inner cooking pot and digital countdown control. 360 degrees hot air convection and humidity circle system, so that the garlic can be evenly fermented, to ensure make perfect black garlic. After fermentation, you can use the black garlic to make black garlic powder (peel the black garlic and break it with a blender), that's the homemade organic food.
  • Function Selection Black Garlic Roaster. With using unique smart making ways and different fermentation function, you can select fermentation time: 12-15 days (288-360 hours) according to different garlic or adds new drying function to enhance the fermentation effect and meet the different taste, good practicality
  • Tray Structure Automatic Fermenter. Good air circulation, uniform temperature, convenient operation, and garlic should not easily slide when put, thick aluminum alloy garlic frame make it good strength and more healthy, the surface after use clean, beautiful, hygienic, easy to clean, no internal residual sewage after using
  • Power Failure Memory Function DIY Fermenter. Under normal working conditions, if there is abnormal or power failure, the microcomputer will automatically remember the working state before power failure, after the power is restored, and it will automatically restore the working status before the power failure.