NPET DF10 Dog Water Fountain 1.3Gallon/5L

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NPET water fountain

2022 NPET Latest DF10 Dot Water Fountain - 1.3 Gallon/5 Liter Large Water Capacity


  • Waterfall flowing stream, awaken pets’ desire to drink water
  • 3 large drinking areas, designed for multi-pets households
  • 1.3 Gallon/5 Liter large water capacity suitable for cats & dogs
  • Visible water level design reminds you to add water

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I like this fountain

I like this fountain, except for one thing. underneath the motor is a tiny piece of sponge-like material which catches debris and clogs the motor function eventually. When cleaning, it can be removed and cleaned, but after a while, it can only be cleaned so much, and doesn't work as well, so it slows down the functionality. This piece is not available as a "replacement part", so you're kind of stuck with it. It should be sold with the filters as a replacement. Otherwise, this fountain is great.

Really like this fountain!

Setup was simple. The bowl has a generous drinking surface area, both my dog and cat drink from this. I have thought the pump was broken but it was just a long hair that got tangled up in the little spinning fan piece.

I bought this for my dogs!

We tried to get our dog not to drink from the toilet, that's why we buy this fountain. Both of my dogs love this fountain.

I love the look of your DF10 pet water fountain.

I have a bull terrier, he regularly drinks out of this fountain and drinks more. DF10 looks great , and the top dish is shallow, but wide. There is plenty of space if 2 or more dogs want a drink at the same time.

The product is great.

Nothing this better than having fresh water for dogs. Easy to clean and so pretty. love it!