NPET LED Camping Lantern 1000LM, Rechargeable/Battery Powered for Hurricane Emergency

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NPET Camping LanternNPET 1000 lumens

Adjustable brightness design

When the light is on, long-press the button the unique stepless dimming system can slowly adjust the light to the most suitable brightness. Make sure to find the brightness that suits each environment and everyone.

The 1000 lumens camping light is the first choice for outdoor and picnic. It is different from the traditional camping lanterns that use battery power. Its advantage is that the USB rechargeable battery is convenient . Rechargeable LED lanterns are best for users who wish to avoid the hassle of replacing batteries for their camping lights. The battery can be used for more than 7 hours (1000 lumens) when fully charged.NPET Lantern cover

Removable Cover

You can use this lantern upside down for camping, emergency usage or other outdoor activities.

NPET lamp beads

Built-in high-quality LED lamp beads

42 LED lamp beads (white) + 4 LED lamp beads (warm)NPET Lamp hook

With Puller & Storage Hook

Hang up with handle / Hanging at flat-edged edgeNPET Lantern design

Lightweight Compact Design

Designed for stability. Rubber molded base that provides stability on slippery or uneven surfaces.

camping Lantern

4 lighting modes can be adjusted by pressing the switch button shortly

  • 700 lumens (Daylight white)
  • 300 lumens (Warm white)
  • 1000 lumens (Full brightness)
  • 1000 lumens (Full fash)

 camping Lantern

Waterproof and Dustproo

Excellent waterproof and dustproof functions to ensure that no foreign matter enters, and it can still be used well in rain or snow.camping Lantern

USB Rechargeable

The camp lantern has a built-in 4000 mAh special lithium rechargeable battery, which can be recharged through the USB socket, which is convenient for environmental protection and can also charge your mobile phone.

camping Lantern


Built-in high-quality LED lamp beads with high brightness, long life, radiation-free and no flicker, no dizzy light.

camping Lantern

Portable handle design

Multi-functional portable hook at the bottom of the light body. The light is small and convenient to carry. You can hang it on the top of the tent, branches, wall and tabla. It is also easy to install.

camping Lantern

Emergency lighting

In a sudden power outage, you can still keep the bright environment and continue to work.

Kindly Note:
1. Do not recharge the lantern when light is on.
2. Charge the battery for 8 hours before first time use.
3. Always recharge the lantern after use or when light goes dim.
4. Charge your lantern periodically when lantern is not being used for over 3 months.

Different modes adapt to different environments, allowing you to enjoy the best light.battery powered lantern

two types lanterns

Customer Reviews

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Really love it!

This is great product, my son has researched all its features and brightness in a short time. We have used it on multiple occasions.

Good lantern!

This is a great emergency light option for power failures and many other uses. Good quality at a great price!