NPET Cat Dog Water Fountain PIR Motion Sensor Switch for Pet Fountain

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  • 【Sensor】 NPET External Sensor for Water Fountain for Cat and Dog. Range of detection: approximately 3 m. Induction angle: cone angle of 180°.
  • 【Optional Function】 Combined with the infrared sensor module, it detects that an object is approaching or moving, and the water dispenser will operate automatically. Energy-saving.
  • 【High stability】About 3m detection distance. Extended time range: 15s-5min, adjustable stop time. The default setting is to stop working after the animal has left the detection range for 15 seconds.
  • 【Small size and easy to install】 Accessories include screws and a sticker. You can choose the appropriate installation method according to your needs.
  • 【USB socket】 USB jack wiring method for easy connection. 1.2m input cable, and 0.3m output cable. The total cable length is 1.5m.

Customer Reviews

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Saves water and electricity

I got the first one, with my first WF020 fountain, 16 month ago, in March 2022. I already had a fountain but I wanted a second water supply for my two cats and my big dog.
It's just a must have accessory. With this, the fountain only works very few hours a day, only when needed instead of 24h/24. So I'm saving water (less evaporation), saving electricity and saving pump lifetime.
I'm so happy with it that I bought a second fountain with that motion sensor in November 2022 to replace my still working old fountain.

This works very well.

I found that if you have a fountain with a USB end connection, this product will work with it well. Nice products!

Vito Massimo Ricciardi
material never received

I cannot evaluate the item purchased because my order has never been delivered. However, I can say that the service offered by the shop is very bad: untraceable shipping and delivery not made. I now have to understand how to recover the amount already paid.

Ali Nowrooz


Tony Zhao
Motion Sensor stopped working

Motion sensor worked fine for a couple of days then stopped working. Contact the company but received no response.