Camping Flashlight Multi-Functional LED Camping Lantern

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  • This is a versatile LED light with the latest design, a flashlight, and a lantern, with a focus on functionality and usability. There are also magnets and hooks on the top, which makes it very convenient for automotive and outdoor repairs. It can be used not only outdoors, but also as work lights and emergency lights.
  • Press the top power button to change the mode. Flashlight flashes-next to white light-next to yellow light-red and blue flashing alternately. White light and yellow light have step-less dimming function, which can easily adjust the brightness. The maximum brightness of this model is 700 lumens.
  • Rechargeable (built-in lithium rechargeable battery), which can be recharged and used without replacing the battery, which is economical and energy saving. You can also charge devices such as smartphones in case you need them. Lighting time: flashlight (strong 3-4 hours / 7-8 hours flashing) side white light (MAX2-3 hours, minimum 25 hours) side yellow light (MAX2-3 hours, minimum 25 hours) side red-blue flashing -8 hours)
  • The overall use of aluminum alloy + PC material, high transmittance, wear resistance, drop resistance, high-temperature resistance, aging resistance, lightweight, no burden for a long time. With the IPX7 waterproof function, there is no need to worry about a sudden rain.