NPET Portable Dog Poop Scooper with Waste Bag Attachment

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Make you and your pet's have a more easy and fun life!

Have you ever felt embarrassed when you clean your fur friends' poop outside?

As a manufacturer of pet tools, we are also owners of pets. So we can totally understand the embarrassing feeling.

Our pooper scoopers can help you get rid of this embarrassment and make you go out with your fur friends more happily than ever.

We are 100% dedicated to making you and your pets have a more easy and more fun life!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Loving it, thank you!

This one is hands down the very best for traveling and walks. It does the job in a clean, efficient manner. And I haven't had to clean the scoop at all. I highly recommend it!


Ordered this product for Father's Day and never received it. I contacted them to inquire about my order and 5 times they have requested the order number and 5 times I have sent it. I've even taken pictures of my receipt and sent it. They refuse to call and I still have no product or refund!

Hello, your order have been shipped out. The tracking number is 420786819214490270334723165808. You can track it on USPS website.

Get this dog pooper scooper.

I didn’t want to carry around a long handled pooper scooper so I bought this. It is well engineered, easy to hold and no touching anything. Make walking the dog a total joy!

So far it's been great.

Picking up the nastiest poop doesn't bother me in the slightest now. and its super easy and clean. If you own a dog, buy this without thinking about it.

I am 100% satisfied!!!

I ordered this scooper because of its cheap price. This scooper is more precise that I expected, and it makes my life much easier!