NPET Rechargeable Headlamp 320 Lumen LED Motion Sensing Head Lamp

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npet rechargeable headlamp320 lumen led headlamp

320 Lumen LED Headlamp with Motion Detection

Effective use of headlights at night

NPET 320lm headlights not only provide brightness at night but also provide practical lighting quality and comfortable wearing feeling. Use your hands free in the dark. Can be used compactly in narrow places, can be worn on the helmet in the wild, and does not shake even during intense sports or outdoors

Because it is a sensor function, it can be turned on and off even if your hands become dirty!

Detection range 3-10cm

npet headlamp
When walking or running at night, using the headlights can help you to see the road in front of the dark and prevent falls or obstaclesnpet headlamp
When you have the need for night fishing, the bright headlights can help you observe the movement of the surface or the water without losing any chance.
npet headlamp
Outdoor camping or mountain climbing, headlights can free your hands without holding a flashlight all the time, so as to better view nature and the starry sky.
npet headlamp
NPET headlamp is small in size and light in weight, and easy to carry. The light can be adjusted to 90 degrees, allowing you to better adjust the position to the environment. You can also shoot to the ground without lowering your head.
npet headlamp
Equipped with a dedicated lithium-ion battery, no need to replace the battery! save energy! The included USB cable is perfect for use on the go or on the go!
npet headlamp
SIX light modes (white: Low,medium, high,strobe; red: strong, flash) are also used as SOS signals, adapting to various environments to give you the best enjoyment.
npet headlamp
IP-65 waterproof and dust-proof design allows splash and water drops from any direction.