NPET 51 oz. Cat Water Fountain - WF050

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Code: WF050     1) save 5% on Replacement Filters when you purchase 1 or more WF050 cat water fountain

                       2) save 5% on New Replacement Filters when you purchase 1 or more WF050 cat water fountain

Material: PC

Size: 6.8 x 6.8 x 6.5 inches

Item Weight: 0.5kg

Power: Adapter charging

NPET WF050 Cat Water Fountain

 Water Outlet Modes

wf050 cat water fountain


Attract your beloved cats and dogs to drink more water. Prevent cats from drinking tap water.

wf050 cat water fountain


Wide gentle spring mode, increase oxygen content in water. Three water mode can meet different pet's requirement.

wf050 cat water fountain

200ml Large Capacity Water Bowl

  • 1.5L capacity water tank is suitable for most cats and small dogs, no need to replenish the water frequently.
  • 200ml capacity of storage water bowl can last few days in case of a power outage.
  • Full Transparent design reminds you to clean and replenish water in time.

wf050 cat water fountain

Circulating Filtration System

  • The quadruple filtration system provides healthy and freshwater to your pet.
  • 3 layers filter: Sponge could catch cats hair and debris, the ion exchange resin layer could soften the tap water, the third activated carbon layer could remove bad taste and odor.

wf050 cat water fountain

Ultra Silent Pump

  • The pump is super quiet, which measured below 40 dB. Leave a sweet dream to you and your pets.
  • Low consumption and easy to clean: the pump is detachable and replaceable. Please clean it by hand with soap water or tap water.

wf050 cat water fountain

【Large Capacity】1.5 L water capacity is suitable for different age of cats, dogs and multiple pet households. No need to replenish the water frequently, the storing water can last one week. Therefore you could go out for a few days without worrying about your lovely pets.

Please don't take off the silicone hose attached to the pump when you install the fountain.

NPET WF050-02 Pet fountain includes faucet outlet, 1 sensor switch, 2 filters and 1 brushless ultra quiet pump. All you need for a fountain are included.

NPET External Sensor Extend the fountain's life with this sensor switch. Range of detection: approximately 3 m. Induction angle: cone angle of 180°.

Instructions: 1. Insert the USB plug of the fountain pump into the USB input port of the sensor. Then insert the USB plug of the sensor into the adapter. 2. Stick the sensor in one place. + mark means to extend the time, - mark means to shorten the time.
Faucet mode: attract your pets to drink more water. Waterfall Mode: wide waterfall, increase oxygen content in water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Ryan Nicklas
Thanks for the replacement fountain

With having 6 cats drinking from the fountain, they end up emptying the water quite fast and end up knocking the upper section off to get the last of the water so I ended up misplacing the filter tray during a cleaning process. I inquired on the website about how much it would cost to get the filter tray replaced and learned that the filter tray can not be sold separately, DGNPET told me they would send me out a new fountain free of charge as they love pets just as much as I do and wanted my cats to have the best water possible.

The Fountain of Youth

Wow! So cool. So quiet. So clear.

chris p hemstead
she loves it!

Zia, my 12yo female tabby goes right by a nicer, much bigger fountain to drink from the Npet. Cool!

Richard Haltunen
Water Fountain

Good. My two Maltese sisters love your fountain.

Lily Lim
Great product

My cat loves the fountain design. I suspected she didn’t drink a lot of water so I got the pet water fountain. After a week I could see that half of the water is gone. So she loves drinking from the fountain.