The Best Cat & Dog Water Fountains on NPET brand

Cat water fountain -

The Best Cat & Dog Water Fountains on NPET brand

Why Your Pet Needs a water fountain?

1. If pet drink dirty water or hard water, they will sick easily.

2. If you are not at home several days, no water can be provided in time. It is not good for your pets.

3. If your pets drink water everywhere, and make your floor wet. It is hard to do house cleaning.


The Best Water Fountain For Pets

1. WF050TP fountain

Features: 1) Has three layers filter, can soften water, catch the hair or debris and remove bad tastes and odors.

                2) Faucet can adjust height, the shorter one is quieter, so it’s a good choice for nighttime.

               3) The pump is quiet (below 40 decibels) and detachable for cleaning.


2. WF020 Fountain

Features:  1) Quadruple action filter to help prevent urinary tract diseases

                 2) Auto Shut-off pump: automatically power-off design for no worrying about machine will burn out

                3) Upgrade Filter Alarm System: If the filter element is clogged, the buoy rises, reminding you to clean or replace the filter.


Cleaning Tips: 

The fountains do need to be cleaned routinely to keep them in good condition. Here are a few tips for prolonging the life of your cat water fountain:

  • Replace the filter every 4-6 weeks to ensure that the carbon can remove impurities in our tap water.
  • The motor easily comes apart to remove hair and debris that gets caught in the grated intake. Pull out the impeller and rinse it off each time you clean the fountain. A clean impeller will keep your motor running longer.
  • Never let your motor run dry. You may not have to fill the bowl as often, but you should be checking it daily to make sure it's not getting low. The motors are designed to run with water, so running is dry can damage the motor.

NPET water fountains have been tested by hundreds of thousands of customer from all over the world for many years, please purchase it without any hesitation!