Most Q&A About Cat Water Fountains

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Most Q&A About Cat Water Fountains

Many cats have same problem that they are drinking too little water. And dehydration in cats can lead to serious health problems, such as urinary tract problems and kidney disease. 

Cats need fresh water every day to maintain good health. That's why many people choose cat water fountains. It provide running fresh water, and encourage your furry friend to drink more water. Its replaceable carbon filters can make the water became odour free and extra clean.

There are four frequently questions we received so far.

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1. How does the water fountain work and are they safe?

A: Water fountains work via a pump. The water is constantly recirculated in a closed loop system by being pulled by the pump from the receiving tank and then carried up with tubes to the fountain´s head. 

Ensure the adapter is far away from water, and the material of the fountain should be BPA-free. So, your pet will be safe.

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2. How many times do i need to clean and to change water and filter?

A: For water, if you only have one cat, water changing once every 3-5 days would be fine. But if you have multi-pets, we suggest change the water daily.

For filter, we suggest to change it every 2–4 weeks when one cat is using the fountain. In a multi-cat household, you might change it every 2 weeks. Please note that if you are not changing the filter frequently enough then these bacteria, fur and dirt will end up in the water. 

By the way, cat fountains should be cleaned at least every week. Every accessories of NPET fountain can be take out, and every corner can be cleaned easily. We also have teach video on Youtube.

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3. Can you leave them on all the time?

A: Fountains can be left on continuously as long as the pump is always staying under the water. If the pump runs dry it may become damaged and need to be replaced.  

In cases that you could not refill the tank in time, WF020 fountain pump will shut down automatically when water level is too low to prevent a burn out. 

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4. How to get my cat drink from a water fountain?

 A: Most cats are instantly attracted to running water. But if your pets is very shy, you need some time and patience to help them slowly get used to the drinking fountain. Don’t remove the previous water bowl right away and offer both water sources in the beginning. Once you notice that your cat is drinking already several times throughout the day you can remove the old bowl.