Is NPET Massage Gun Really Effective?

Is NPET Massage Gun Really Effective?

Every body do know the importance of warm up and muscle relaxation.  It will prevent sports injuries.

But stretch is not enough for relaxing muscles fully and effectively. We still need to relax the fascia of the muscular accessory structure.

muscle fascia

If you want to relax the fascia, the key point is NPET Massage Gun.

NPET massage gun

NPET massage gun is a cordless state-of-the-art massage device that helps to reduce muscle soreness and tension, promote blood circulation, optimize mobility and improve the general condition of the body's musculoskeletal system.

This massage gun is a professional impact muscle massage device. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, or general people, this lightweight and the convenient gun can meet your requirements. Relieving your fatigue, making your body more flexible and move more freely. Visual eight gears adjustment touch switch. Different gears are suitable for different parts of your body. You can complete the massage independently.

Can the massage gun relax the muscles?

To confirm the actual effect of massage gun, our professional team designed below comparative experiment. 

We required a man to do sitting leg flexion and extension. After exercise finished, the right leg relaxed by NPET massage gun(NPET) while the left leg did not do any relax action(comparison).

npet massage gun

      The effect of whether to use NPET massage gun on muscle stiffness after exercise

npet massage gun

The effect of whether to use NPET massage gun on muscle recovery time after exercise

This experiment proved that using NPET massage gun after exercise can promote muscle relaxation more effectively than not using NPET massage gun.