The Basic Knowledge About Skateboard You Should Know (for Beginners)

The Basic Knowledge About Skateboard You Should Know (for Beginners)

With the development of skateboarding, more and more people start to try it! But the beginners usually are entangled with board selection. Considering different board with different function and different pros and cons, the beginners should understand the basic knowledge of skateboard well.

Normal Skateboards

symmetry skateboard, small hard wheels. 

street board

Price: $39.99

Advantage: good for learning cool skills and strong playability.

Disadvantage: it is challenge for people who don't have good sense of balance. The hard wheels with bad shock resistance, your feet will feel uncomfortable after long-time used.

Cruiser Skateboards

the most mini size among all skateboards, including 22-30 inch. It is portable to carry around.

Cruiser Skateboards

Price: $34.99

Advantage: good for riding everywhere in a short-distance. Lightweight, Fast speed and flexible. The wheel usually is 59-65 mm and more soft. The complete skateboard has small noise and weak shock sense.

Disadvantage: too small to do cool action.


The variant of surfskates, has various of functions. Such as, basic practice, dance, downhill, etc.


Price: $125.99

Advantage: good for skill actions and hours' comfortable riding. longer and wider board, come with bigger and wider and more soft wheels. Super flexible, shock absorbent, and unsurpassed in strength. 

Disadvantage: too large to carry portable.

No matter which board you will choose, it will takes your a lot of time and money. Even brings you hurt sometimes.  

But if you really love it deeply, don't be hesitate!