How To Find A Suitable Pet Feeder?

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How To Find A Suitable Pet Feeder?

Many green hand on pet feeding is confused how to find a suitable pet feeder. In this article, we take a look at some pros and cons of the automatic pet feeder, and show you different types.

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Why you need an automatic pet feeder?

1. When you find your cat or dog became fat

2. When you don't want to face early morning wake up calls from your pets.

3. When you have to travel frequently because of the job requires.

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Pet feeder's Pros

According to above question, you might guess some advantages of pet feeder. Yes, they are 

1. Preventing bloat - the feeder dispense smaller meals each time, the stomach of your cat will feel much better.

2. Convenience - your pets can be feed no matter if you at home or not.

3. Medical value - It is a good way to regulate food consumption in cats suffering from medical conditions eg. diabetes.

4. Complete personalisation - It can custom the size and regularity of your pets' meals.

Pet feeder's Cons

Absolutely, there are some cons may not have occurred to you. Such as,

1. Cost - some pet feeders with many features, which caused the total price is expensive.

2. Complex setting up - some high-end features need mobile to connect, set up data is more complex.

3. ?? (Waiting for you to find it)

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How to choose the right feeder for your pets?

1. If your pets did not have overeating habit, and want to save money. We suggest Basics Gravity Pet Food Feeder.

Basics Gravity Pet Food Feeder

2. If your pets have unusual eating time, or need to loose weight. We suggest Electronic Pet Food Feeder

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3. If you did not at home in 2-3 days, want to watch your pets eating. We suggest Smart Pet Food Feeder.

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PS: It is suitable for young people, because the programmable steps will be a little complex.


Automatic pet feeders can do its job well, but you need help your pets get used to using a feeder firstly.

Hope you have more happy moments with your pets!