NPET 16 in 1 Dinosaur Trasnport Truck Carrier Playset Toys

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Dinosaur truck toys are a wonderful way for children to spend their free time. These trucks can offer children hours of imaginative play. They can be played with by a wide age group, and may be used indoors or outdoors.
dinosaur toys car truck play set
Included in the box, and in addition to the dino truck toy, you’ll find a total of 6 different dino figures, Three Dinow Cars and 2 tree pieces, as well as a Truck Carrier for playing!

Most Powerful And Useuful With the Car Play set
Along with a host of other accessories to help create and bring to life your child’s own dino adventures and stories during creative play sessions.
The truck itself has a couple of features you won’t find in many of the more carry-case style trucks we’ve included here, including friction-powered pull back action, along with battery-powered light-up and realistic sound effects- Lights Up and Dino Roar!
Dinosaur truck toys can be a great investment for your child. They make an excellent birthday or holiday gift and can be played with by either boys or girls. Also they can play with their friends.